Correspondence Courses That Change Lives

We are pleased to offer these inmate correspondence courses to your friends or family members who are incarcerated. Inmates are much more inclined to evaluate their lives and look for ways to improve compared to when they are not in jail or prison. In other words, this is a great time for them to be working on the issues that are limiting your inmate’s happiness.

ACCI’s inmate life skills workbooks are easy to read and are written in story format. The workbooks are written about real people with real problems, and how they overcame their obstacles. The workbooks give time-tested skills which have been proven to help people become happier and more productive. Here are some key benefits for inmates:

The price has been reduced from $85.00 to $45.00 for inmates only,
They can work at their own pace and with a “coach” (another inmate) of their choosing,
Our workbooks are proven to successfully challenge criminal thinking,
We focus on helping offenders conquer self-defeating thoughts and behaviors,
Can be completed on their own time and don’t interfere with jail or prison life,
Our courses can often satisfy court or legal requirements.

What will your inmate receive for $45.00?

Workbook of choice
Prepaid self addressed envelope (postage paid by ACCI)
Completion certificate

Select the course that best fits the needs or interest of the friend or family member that you are sending this to. * If in doubt which workbook is best, we recommend the Offender Responsibility (W119) course. It is a universal life skills workbook that address a wide range of issues and topics. You can print out this list of our inmate correspondence courses.


Offender Responsibility (W119)

This course is for individuals who are frustrated and tired of being in the criminal justice system, and are willing to learn and increase personal responsibility. If you are having a hard time choosing which course to select, this is the original lifeskills workbook.


If we are not responsible for our own choices, who is?

Employment (W124)

This inmate correspondence course helps individuals to identify and change the root causes of the their employment issues. It focuses on overcoming the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that keep most people from finding and keeping employment.


The future is as bright as your thoughts.

Anger Management (W111)

This inmate correspondence course helps individuals learn the principles of anger avoidance. It allows the readers to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that are the root causes of anger, and provides them with ways of reducing anger by changing negative thoughts.


Those who anger you, control you.

Offender Corrections (W112)

This inmate course is designed for those who have committed crimes such as theft, assault, burglary, robbery, etc. It can help individuals make better choices, keeping them out of the criminal justice system.


If I don’t value my life, I will waste it.

Substance Abuse (W114)

Using drugs or other harmful substances leads to addiction and a loss of freedom. This course can help the drug user/addict develop a healthier set of convictions that will help to prevent future drug use. It focuses on the many underlying causes of alcohol and drug abuse.


Drugs are a dead end.

Delincuentes correcciones en español (W115)

Delincuentes correcciones en españolEste curso está diseñado para aquellos que han cometido delitos como robo, asalto, robo, asalto, etc. Puede ayudar a las personas a tomar mejores decisiones, manteniéndolos fuera del sistema de justicia penal.


Versión en español

Contentious Relationships (W116)

This unique course is meant for individuals that are experiencing difficulties within their personal relationships. It assists individuals by reducing/eliminating contention, blaming, and promotes forgiveness and personal responsibility.


A contentious relationship is like a bad disease.

Parenting (W117)

This is a good course for individuals who want to take responsibility and improve their roles as parents. Good parenting is a choice, and this course helps individuals develop healthy attitudes, perspectives and skills to parent their children.


Every child deserves the best chance for success.

Cognitive Awareness (W118)

This course helps individuals who want to improve their personal self-awareness and overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. This course also addresses depression, fear, anxiety and financial problems.


Denial is one of the root causes of criminal behavior.

Theft / Shoplifting (W121)

This course focuses on the many reasons for theft and shoplifting. It not only demonstrates the impact on businesses but also the consequences for the perpetrators as they trade a few dollars for a criminal record. It also demonstrates 10 proven cognitive skills for successful living, and how to avoid the common thinking traps that are easy to fall into.


Our choices ripple through time and affect others more than we know.

DUI (W128)

ACCI’s experience with people who drive under the influence is that they are focused on self and have little regard for others. This group makes little effort to overcome their addictions andconsiders it their right to drive. ACCI offers a strong cognitive restructuring course thatchallenges their faulty thinking.


Don’t empower chemicals to control your life, be free.

Domestic Violence (W129)

Domestic Violence is a serious crime against humanity because of its far-reaching tentacles and its effect on future generations. This course was designed for both the abuser and the victim. For victims, because of their lack of cognition and empathy as well as their propensity for re-victimization. For abusers, because of their self-defeating behaviors.


Our choices ripple through time and affect others more than we know.

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