Correspondence Courses: A Way to Self-Improvement

by Guest Blogger, Rachel Milano

Most people who are incarcerated have lived a very hard life. They have gone through great suffering and being put behind bars may seem like a foregone conclusion. However, as a society we owe it to them to give them alternatives to a better life. A correspondence course is one way by which inmates can learn a trade, a skill, or even a degree. By offering a correspondence course, we are giving them a chance to improve their current plight. 

Most prisoners spend their lives in jail without really any thought of making themselves better. Survival and getting through their sentences are just the things that are foremost in their minds. Their self-defeating nature just lets them go through the motions of prison life not thinking that there is an opportunity for them to grow mentally, morally and become a better person. Correspondence courses offer a way to reevaluate themselves and make them realize that there is hope for a better life.

There are many correspondence courses for inmates that will fit his specific interests and needs. Some courses deal with anger management, substance abuse, dysfunctional relationships, parenting and self-awareness. All these courses help inmates overcome negative thoughts and self-destructive behaviors. They help with self-confidence and self-esteem issues so that inmates will be able to adjust better to society once released.

For those who seek to earn a degree or have a college education, some community colleges and universities offer college correspondence courses for inmates. The college courses for inmates are generally conducted online or through distance learning. Studies have shown that inmates who seek higher education make for better prisoners. Taking courses greatly reduces their likelihood of being repeat offenders.

While most prisoners will remain in and out of the justice system, there will be those few who will successfully transition themselves back into society. And these are the select few who have successfully overcome their obstacles. There is a huge potential for correspondence courses for inmates to help rehabilitate our prisoners. The right correspondence course will spell the difference between a better life or a vicious cycle of crime and punishment.

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