Correspondence Courses for Inmates: Second Chances for the Incarcerated

By guest blogger, Rachel Milano

Being incarcerated does not mean that you will not get a chance to earn a degree. While recidivism rates may be high among prisoners, this rate significantly goes down among those who manage to achieve a college degree while incarcerated. There are a number of correspondence courses for inmates. However, you must make sure that you follow the prison rules, as some correspondence courses for inmates may not be allowed in your particular unit. 

If you are really set on getting a college degree, check with your prison’s education director. Ask whether there is a college program or correspondence course for inmates. Many prisons offer on-site classes for free. Some prisons tie up with local community colleges in the area which provide college correspondence courses for inmates.  Depending on the level of prison security, inmates are allowed to take online correspondence courses or they are sent coursework and other printed materials for the classes by mail.

It is important to do the proper research about the different college courses for inmates. Take note of the eligibility requirements before beginning with the program. Make sure that the correspondence course is approved by your prison facility. Some of these courses are free but some are not. In this case, your family has to shoulder your educational expenses.

Your life doesn’t have to end when you go to prison. There is still an opportunity to turn your life around and succeed once you are released. Career counseling combined with an education while incarcerated will improve your chances of surviving and succeeding in the real world.

Being incarcerated does not limit one’s potential for growth. Everybody’s dream of attaining a college degree does not stop when one’s life takes the wrong turn. However, it is up to the individual to decide whether he or she chooses to be defeated by his or her circumstances or whether they want to overcome their current situation. The important thing to know is that there are correspondence courses for inmates who want to improve their lives.

2 thoughts on “Correspondence Courses for Inmates: Second Chances for the Incarcerated

  1. I am looking for correspondence courses for my son who is in FCI-Big Spring, TX 79720
    could you send him any information you have about courses/schools that are available to him. He has a VA-GI Bill benefit that will pay for them.
    His information is:
    Gregory Cardullo
    1900 Simler Ave.
    Big Spring, TX 79720

  2. I am desperately looking for a college that will offer correspondence classes in Business for my son. He is incarcerated at this time, and really serious about getting a degree. If someone could, please help us toward his goal. Thank you so much.

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