Correspondence Courses For Inmates: Your Second Shot At Life

Being in prison does not necessarily mean that you cannot finish a college degree. Recidivism might be a reality each inmate has to face but the chance to pursue a college degree can lower its hold on the inmate — pushing him towards a more productive life. There are many correspondence courses for inmates. There are however some rules that come into play when one wants to do correspondence courses for inmates.

If you are serious in pursuing a college degree you can check on the prison’s education director and ask if there is a correspondence course that is applicable to you. There are many on site classes for free that you can take. Some prisons even provide for a college correspondence course for inmates through partnerships with local community colleges. You can either have online correspondence courses or receive printed materials for the course that you choose. Again, ask the Education Director at your facility.

It is important that time is invested in the research of the right college courses for inmates. Do not forget to know more about the eligibility requirements before starting the program. You also need to make sure that the course and the materials are approved by your prison. Some courses are free but there are also some that are not. Your family can pay for this in that case.

Life is a choice. If you want to lead a life that is more fulfilling you can choose to pursue educational advancement. There are many opportunities that will open up for you if you are prepared for the time that you will be released. Remember what you do now is more than what you did in your past. Choose to go on with life progressively.

If you made a wrong turn in life that does not mean that you are doomed forever. Everybody makes mistakes. But it is the choice you make after it that matters. For those who do not want to let their life pass them by while incarcerated there are correspondence courses for inmates that can equip them to succeed in life. There is hope for a fresh start.

11 thoughts on “Correspondence Courses For Inmates: Your Second Shot At Life

  1. I would like a list of courses that can be taken through the mail. No access to computers at this prison. I have the ACCI Inmate Catalog already, but am interested in actual college courses. Thanks

    • We currently do not provide High School or College Courses to inmates, we are in the process of providing a solution for this.

  2. Im trying to order a packet for my son, I believe its the cognitive lifeskills packet? I dont see it on your website, wondering how to order..thxs

  3. inmate have no access to the internet.I would like a list of courses that can be taken thur the mail and the coast if any. Thanks

  4. Hello, I want the opportunity to earn my college degree if permitted. I have no problem learning independently and getting all my courses completed in a timely manner. I always wanted to attend college but that chance was taken away from me because my husband felt that my place was to be at home with my kids. My children have always been my first priority for me, since an early age I was determined that they will have a better life and prepared them for the future. I believe that God has been on my side for every obstacle I have overcomed, my son is an amazing artist and my daughters are currently in high school. Please forward information to me directly because I have been sentenced to 61 months and this will be a great time for me to take control of my life and never let someone control my life and my choices. I have faith that God will be on my side during this path that will lead me into a better future for me. Once again thank for any information that you could provide to me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Rose,

      Unfortunately, we do not currently provide college courses. Our curriculum is designed to help people improve their thinking skills.

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