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Guns, tasers, barbed wire and jails cells are essential to ensure public safety but they do very little to help inmates make a positive change in their thinking and behavior. When budgets fall short and correctional facilities function with less and less money, one of the first things to get cut is prison programs for inmates. As a result, the root causes of criminal behavior are not addressed and as a society we pay the price in more ways than one.

ACCI is the nations leader in developing self-directed cognitive life skills curriculum which requires offenders to do the work. We have learned that teaching does not always equal learning! When the offenders are going through our curriculum there is a sense of ownership and empowerment that translates into longer lasting cognitive change.

We have learned that many inmates are willing to make a change in their life and not become a repeat offender but lack the skills, knowledge and/ or encouragement to do so. We hope to make our prison and jail programs (cognitive lifeskills curriculum) available to a wider range of offenders who are ready for a change!

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  12. I know that the Plainfield Prison use to have a carpentry program and the inmates made picnic tables to sell. I am wondering if that program still exists – and, if so, how to access information about it – thanks – Donna

    • Son is in Skyline Prison in Colorado ,he told me about these courses.He told me that they were 35.00 each course. Your add says 45.00 what is it?

      • Hi Bonnie,

        $35.00 is our old pricing. During the transition – we can offer it at the old price. You would need to call us directly at (435) 633-2100.

  13. I’m looking for some correspondence courses for an (ny son) inmate at JTVCC in Smyrna, DE (educational correspondence workbooks that they can gain certificate in)? If you have such programs please let me know and how the person can receive them. Thank you, God Bless

  14. My son just recently got sentenced to 45 years in Oklahoma. I am not sure which prison he will be sent to yet. I am just researching what programs are available in Oklahoma prisons. Thank you

  15. Are these programs offered for all inmates in all states my husband is at Cimarron correctional facility in Cushing Oklahoma he’s on a waiting list to get his G.e.d and I would like to try helping him get any other source of eduction as possible so at the end of his sentence the parole board will see he’s serious about changes in his life being made

    • Hi Cathy,

      Yes – our courses are for inmates in any state. Inmates enjoy our correspondence courses for many different reasons, but they are an excellent way to demonstrate to the parole board that he is moving in the right direction.

  16. My son would like to take courses in drug & alcohol counseling and to receive a certificate so when he gets out of prison in 2 years he will be able to find a job do you offer anything like that

  17. My son is currently serving time in Donovan State Prison & is currently in an incarcerated program with Orange Coast College. He’s ready to move to a 4 yr college for a Bachelors degree. Is it possible to send information to him on your program?
    Timothy B Cole V-18610
    480 Alta Road
    San Diego, CA 92179

    Thank you very much.
    Joyce Cole

  18. I am trying to find programs for my boyfriend that will give him good time credit and to help him in a few fields that he needs for when he gets out.Does these classes give him good time credit???

    • Hi Katie,

      We would be glad to help. We have 16 courses all aimed at helping to address faulty thought processes. These all help inmates towards rehabilitation. Please check out our website at or call me at 435-633-2030 to order today.

      Roxanne Smith

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