Prison Programs Can Reduce Recidivism

by Guest Blogger, Rachel Milano

Do you have friends and family in jail? Then it is important that you know about the different prison programs to reduce recidivism. There is no question that there are prison programs that help inmates successfully reintegrate themselves into society. These prison programs to reduce recidivism give hope for those incarcerated and their families.

There are many reasons why some individuals end up in jail. Usually it is because they are under the influence of drugs, alcohol and other dangerous substances. These substances cause them to make the wrong decisions in life that force them to do criminal offenses. Prison rehabilitation programs are specifically designed to address substance abuse problems. Studies have shown that inmates who complete these types of prison programs are able to reduce their recidivism rates significantly.

There are also prison education programs for those who want to obtain a degree even while imprisoned. The prisons normally form partnerships with universities and colleges so that inmates are able to take correspondence or online courses. If they are released before they are able to graduate, their subjects can still be credited should they choose to pursue studies outside. Studies have shown that education programs make for better inmates and lowered reoffending rates as well.

Other prison programs for inmates help them deal with anger management issues, parenting, offender responsibility and contentious relationships. These programs come in easy to understand workbooks that are relatable because they are about real people and their struggles and how they were able to triumph and turn their lives around.

Prison programs to reduce recidivism help alleviate the overcrowding in our correctional facilities. They help inmates change their criminal thoughts so that they will be able to put an end to their criminal behavior once and for all. Prison programs give prisoners the opportunity to process the reasons why they ended up behind bars in the first place. They give inmates valuable life skills so that they can be better human beings. So if you want to give a friend or a loved one a chance to improve his or her situation, get him into one of these programs now.

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  1. Hello,
    My son Jacob Garza, #1782940, is at Ney Unit in Hondo, Texas. He already has recieved his GED and we are so proud of him! He is 23yrs old and father of two. We his parents are raising our grandchildren. He is wanting to get into some college courses either in Audio engineering technology, or oil industry pipeline construction. I have had no luck in finding either of these. He has done all classes available to him at the Ney Unit. Any information and or assistance in this matter would be greatly apprciated.

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