Prison Programs for Inmates

by Guest Blogger, Rachel Milano

Prison programs for inmates were put in place in order to rehabilitate and give those who are incarcerated a better chance of successful reentry into society once they are released. They offer our prisoners the necessary education, training and skills that will allow them to make good choices once they leave their prison cells. There are several types of prison programs for inmates. All of these programs aim to address the inmates’ needs.

The main goal of these prison programs is to equip the inmates with different skills that are marketable and will help them get a stable job once they are released from prison. Some of the courses include prison education programs that offer academic education for those who want to get their GEDs or pursue college or even postgraduate courses, vocational education where one can learn skills such as carpentry, plumbing, computer programming and repair, painting and many more.

There are also prison rehabilitation programs for inmates who struggle with drug addiction. These programs help inmates understand the reason behind their substance abuse and the negative behavior. They help inmates change and restructure their way of thinking by offering counseling, support groups, drug therapy and other treatment modalities that are suited for the individual’s needs. Other programs that help deal with substance abuse even offer correspondence courses in the form of workbooks that are available online.

Numerous studies have proven and supported the finding that participation in various prison programs to reduce recidivism has significantly kept these offenders outside the justice system and out of the prison walls. Getting higher education while incarcerated or learning a skill gives the inmates more options and better outcomes once they are released back to their communities.

Rehabilitating our prisoners is society’s responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. After all, they are also human beings. By giving them the choices that are offered through the different prison programs for inmates, we are giving them a second chance to correct their wrongdoings and live better lives that are crime free.

7 thoughts on “Prison Programs for Inmates

  1. I have a son that was in the GRIP program at Plainfield Correctional Facility. He was kicked out on the last day of completing the program. The program was a 6 mo program. He would of got a 6 month time cut. He loved the program and was able to do the dog training for disable people, but now that is all gone. He is married with a 4 yr old son. The wife left the state and moved to California with the son. My daughter flew to Cali and brought the son back to Indiana for 6 weeks. My daughter and I arranged our work schedule so the son could visit his father as much as possible during his short visit. We visited on a Monday during peer group for the GRIP program and he was kicked out for missing the class. He has not seen his son in over a year and it will probably be several more before he can see him again. I spoke to the Warden of the prison. No help there. My son was denied to be allowed back in the program. I think this is so unfair and the people who work in prisons don’t care anything about the inmates, so as far as the programs are suppose to help rehabilitate them is hog wash. MEAN PEOPLE WORK IN THE PRISONS SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO BE MEAN AND GET BY WITH IT, BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE INMATES. WHEN I VISIT HIM I AM TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL. PLAINFIELD IS ONE OF THE WORST!!!

  2. I am wondering whether you have a program to have courses sent to a inmate for college courses. I am his mother and would like to get him signed up. what is the cost? and he doesn’t have access to a computer, so we would just like for the correspondence to be sent to him.

  3. Hi. I to also would like to know some programs to help my family be together again. If anybody knows any information at all and willing to share please email me @ Anything that can help will be greatly appreciated, thank you and God Bless

  4. We are also working with inmates in Tanzania , i am very impressed with the courses that can transform inmate’s way of thinking first , this will have a vital role to play in receiving other programs .Can we share the experience?

  5. just wanted to say that this website is great, and for all of you with loved ones in prison, hang in there. The best thing you can do is never give up hope and the power of change.

    • Thank you so much. Your comment is very true! Although it is hard, we must always hold out hope that change is possible. Inmate Lifeskills courses offer the tools to begin real change and ward against recidivism.

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