Punishment versus Education

The Penal system in America has largely been focused on punishment and public safety. Slowly and steadily, jail administration and community correction professionals are also focusing on rehabilitation. For most inmates, prison is a place to serve a sentence and pay their dues to society and NOT a place to grow, learn and change. Yes – inmates need to experience the consequences of their choices, even if that means spending time behind bars, but this is not the only thing they need to experience. Providing opportunities for learning and changing are just as essential as prison security. We must never forget that more punishment and harsher consequences is NOT the way to help people change. In some instances, it may only provoke future criminal activity.

Inmate life skills has designed workbooks to help those who are incarcerated to learn and implement successful thinking skills. By allowing inmates to take one of our courses they are given the chance to learn and understand how their thinking has contributed to their criminal behavior and find ways to eliminate their self-defeating thinking patterns. If inmates are not given these types of opportunities then they are much more likely to commit crime again when they are released from jail or prison.

90% or more of all prisoners will eventually be released back into our communities and become our co-workers and neighbors. We should all be asking ourselves and the correctional institutions how well they are preparing their prisoner population for their release back into society. We hope you will help us make our cognitive life skills workbooks available to as many inmates and prisoners as possible.

One thought on “Punishment versus Education

  1. I am the mother of a son who has 16 years to serve and is in administrative segregation for an unknown length of time. He is interested in doing a correspondence course. He earned a GED 10 years ago.

    Please send me more information about your workbooks.

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