The Need for Prison Rehabilitation Programs

by Guest Blogger, Rachel Milano

Everyone deserves a second chance and this includes our prisoners. This is exactly what prison rehabilitation programs aim to do. Prison rehabilitation programs were put in place to offer inmates a chance to change and better themselves to become productive citizens once they get back to society.

There are many prison programs whose goal is to help rehabilitate and reduce the reoffending rates of those who have been incarcerated. Among the prison programs to reduce recidivism, educational rehabilitation programs are the most popular.

Prison education programs allow inmates to obtain a college or vocational degree. Some prison systems collaborate with universities to offer correspondence courses for inmates. Prisoners may take online classes or they may receive their coursework in jail. The downside of these college educational programs, however, is that inmates are not eligible for any scholarships so the families will have to fund the tuition themselves. However, studies have shown that those who have received a college education while imprisoned are more likely to survive and have a successful transition into their communities once they have served their sentences.

For those who do not wish to get a college degree, prison programs for inmates also offer skills training such as computer repair, cooking, plumbing, painting, carpentry and many more. These skills equip an inmate with the necessary tools so that he or she may be able to land a job once released. Those who have undergone training are given recommendations and help with their job applications so that they can get work despite their criminal record.

Not all prison programs work. It takes a lot of careful planning, study and research to come up with a successful program. But much of the success lies in the inmate. No matter how good the program is, if the prisoner does not want to change, all will be for naught. However, for those who want to better themselves, most do not know where or how to start. By providing prison rehabilitation programs, we are giving them a hand by pointing them to the right direction.

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