ACCI is proud to support the Fathers in Education Program, which provides incarcerated fathers with a way to help his children become proficient readers and excel academically.

The Fathers in Education Program was established to address the disparities in educational attainment among low income children. Recent research findings have confirmed that children who do not read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to leave school without a High School diploma than proficient readers. For the worst readers, those who could not master even the basic skills by third grade, these children were six times more likely to leave school without a High School diploma.

Test Our Kids

Program Focus:

  • Places particular focus on the role that fathers play in their children’s education Irrespective of a father’s economic or marital status,
  • Puts forward the idea that fathers should be viewed as an asset to their children’s well-being and afforded an opportunity to experience a direct and unencumbered engagement in support of their children’s educational outcomes.
  • Believes that fathers who express a strong willingness to be engaged in their children’s education represent a potential solution in addressing our nation’s educational disparity challenge.

How to get started:

Visit  www.TestOurKids.com to learn how fathers who are incarcerated can play a positive role in helping their children identify and increase their reading level.

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