What lifeskills students are saying

The following evaluations are from real inmates who have successfully completed one of our correspondence courses. Click the "read more" link to see their hand written evaluation in PDF.

Federal Detention Center – Miami, FL
"Thank you for creating these workbooks they truly make a difference. You have saved yet another victim." ...read more

Elayn Hunt CC – St. Gabriel, LA (Substance Abuse)
"I feel its a very powerful and touching workbook" ...read more

Florence Correctional Center – Florence, AZ (Offender Responsibility)
"..it put me in a different stage of mind" ...read more

Westville Correctional Facility – Westville, IN (Offender Responsibility)
"… Become a positive person, first for me then for my family" ...read more

Lindsey State Jail – Jacksboro, TX (Anger Management)
".. I really enjoyed and will continue to use things from it" ...read more

San Bruno Jail – San Bruno, CA (Parenting)
"At first I wanted to send it back but as I started to go over the workbook more and more caught my attention" ...read more

Sevier County Jail – Richfield, UT (Cognitive Awareness)
" This program has been very informing and helps me to start a change in my life"
...read more

Adelanto Detention Center – San Bernardino, CA (Anger Management)
" My feelings are positive, I want to succeed badly" ...read more

CTF – Soledad, CA (Offender Responsibility)
"I thought this workbook was very helpful in me finding clarity in my life and who I was" ...read more

Iron County Jail – Cedar City, UT (Substance Abuse)
"Although I don’t come from a physically abusive home, where love was not existent, I did somehow learn how to hate myself" ...read more

CTF – Soledad, CA (Offender Responsibility)
"I truly loved this workbook, this was my second workbook that I’ve completed from you. The story about Coopers life really got to me" ...read more